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The use of magnets for pain treatment is an ancient healing art. When you suffer from back, knee, joint, migraines, or other types of chronic pain, rely on Dr. Lindsay DeHaas, ND. Men, women and children in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Cambridge, Massachusetts use magnetic therapy to effectively relieve all types of pain. Call the office today to book an appointment or use the online scheduler.

Magnetic Therapy Q & A

What is magnetic therapy?

For thousands of years, magnets have been used to help people heal from a variety of chronic conditions. Different types of magnets are placed on designated areas of the body to treat specific conditions and enhance total body health.

Your body produces electrical activity within its cells that creates a magnetic field. Your cells are always at work dividing, a process that keeps you healthy. For the cells to do their job and divide, they require magnetic energy. Additionally, all of your body’s organs are dependent upon magnetic energy.

What are the types of magnetic therapy?

There are two main types of magnetic therapy commonly used by health practitioners.

Static Magnetic Therapy

When a magnet is constantly in contact with your skin for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. Examples are magnetic bracelets, necklaces, shoe inserts, and mattresses. Static magnetic therapy is used to treat specific conditions like headaches and neck pain, as well as improve overall blood flow.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

A non-static, electric pulse supplies the magnetic energy through a coil or looped wire. In addition to pain relief, pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy shows promise with osteoarthritis, incontinence, and soft-tissue wound repair.

What is the Lyme magnetic protocol?

For tick-borne illnesses and infections, a specific magnetic protocol has emerged as a leading treatment option. The lyme magnetic protocol neutralizes the effects of pathogens by rebalancing the body using a specific sequence and placement of magnets.

Dr.Lindsay is one of only a handful of doctors certified in this advanced method to eradicate symptoms of Lyme and other occult infections.

How long does the Lyme magnetic protocol take?

Dr.Lindsay places magnets in various patterns and sequences on strategic places on your body. Each session takes about an hour. Most men and women feel better after only one session, but on average, it takes about six sessions to restore your health. Depending on the severity of your illness, Dr. DeHaas may recommend more.

To restore your body to full health and eliminate Lyme forever, make an appointment for individual care with Dr.Lindsay. Call today or book your consultation online.

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