Life Changing Care Part Two

I believe there are millions of people who are being cheated out of good healthcare.

I have personally had at this point hundreds of patients who were given little-to-no options of care in their standard medical care framework.  I have seen many patients who were told that they were crazy for feeling what they felt, their lab levels were fine, their imaging was fine, so there must not be anything wrong with them, maybe they should try counseling.  I have seen many patients who were only offered steroids for worsening and at times mis-diagnosed conditions that actually have vast amounts of nutritional, anti-infectious and physical treatments in scientific literature to support them. 

Healing disease, is, unfortunately, not a cookbook with easy-to-follow recipes.

Clinical research, unfortunately, has its limitations.

The truth is, to stand up and endeavor to provide real, healing solutions is incredibly hard.  David Sackett, in Seminars in Perinatology (Feb 1997), writes,

"Good doctors use both individual clinical expertise and the best available external evidence, and neither alone is enough. Without clinical expertise, practice risks becoming tyrannized by external evidence, for even excellent external evidence may be inapplicable to or inappropriate for an individual patient."

The other truth is, working with clients to find real, healing and life changing solutions is incredibly rewarding.

Beginning to approach your health as something that can be encouraged and grown, instead of looking at a list of symptoms that need to be managed, is an important and life changing shift.

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